Burkholder Wins Seat on Northridge School Board as a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE!  

As most of you know, Rick Burkholder, active Tea Party member, ran as a WRITE-IN candidate for Northridge School Board and WON the seat!  Apparently he had the right position for many voters.  Rick, will you send us a note about where you stand as a brand new school board member?  

Send them a note of congratulations and ask him what his platform was.  I think I might know….

Rick & Sue Burkholder

LCTP Leaders Face Second Hearing with Ohio Elections Commission  

by Jo Ann Wiblin, Vice Chair, LCTP, Oct. 17, 2013

Several Licking County Tea Party members attended a preliminary hearing with the Ohio Elections Commission recently, along with their attorney, William Todd.  LCTP faces charges against James Hellyer, Chairman, and Jo Ann Wiblin, Vice Chairman, that they "tried to influence an election" without registering as a Political Action Committee, or PAC, with the State of Ohio.  Strict requirements of finance reporting, donor reporting, etc, make becoming a PAC difficult and expensive, according to Hellyer.  “We feel that we fall under the category of a political club rather than a PAC,” he continued, "since our primary goal is educating the public about conservative issues."    

A political club, as described in Ohio election law, must have no more than 100 members, not spend more than $1000 in any calendar year to influence an election, and not have as a primary goal to influence an election.  “We fit that description to a T,” according to Hellyer.  “More importantly, we believe that we have a right to free speech as the Constitution protects it, and that the Ohio PAC law usurps those rights.”   

At the hearing, during which five of the seven Commission members were present, three voted to find Hellyer and Wiblin guilty with no fine or other punishment, and two voted not to charge.  Since they are required to have a vote of four to perform any action, no action was decided, and the LCTP was effectively held over for a full hearing later in the year.  After the vote, two members stated that they would like to have more information.  A third stated that the Commission had never dealt with this issue before, referring presumably to the political club distinction from PACs.  In a side issue, the OEC is short by two members because the governor has failed to appoint to those positions.  Without those two additional members, it is very difficult for the Commission to reach a decision.   

Wiblin commented, “We have an opportunity to see a law changed that was described by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 1995 U.S. Supreme Court decision (McIntyre vs. Ohio), and as 'egregious and far-reaching'.  Others have described it as strictest in the nation.  Even so, the Ohio General Assembly has not seen fit to change it.  We are eager to have that opportunity.”   (end)


Governor Kasich Bypasses Will of the People to Ram Medicaid Expansion Through Backdoor   

Cleveland, Ohio, October 13th 2013    

Showing complete contempt for an estimated 75% of his Republican base who oppose Medicaid Expansion, Governor Kasich is set to bypass the Legislature and force Obamacare/ Medicaid Expansion on Ohioans. A whopping 66% of Ohioans voted to reject Obamacare in 2011 with a majority against the system in all 88 counties.  

Governor Kasich is set to ignore his own Legislators by requesting that the Ohio Controlling Board appropriate Obamacare funds after the Legislature refused to support his plan.  By using this ruse the Governor hopes to get his hands on Obamacare dollars which effectively backdoors Obamacare into Ohio. Mediatrakers Ohio reports that the broad coalition of groups who support Kasich's move are the usual suspects whose addiction to government hand out has resulted in the current US governments $16Trillion debt crisis.  

"This arrogant action by the Governor needs swift and assertive counteraction by every prolife/ pro-family person in Ohio. Obamacare is anti-life - plain and simple. Most Right to Life groups in Ohio are unified in their opposition to this train wreck approach including major metropolitan groups such asToledoCleveland and Cincinnati" said Molly Smith, President of Cleveland Right to Life, one of the largest prolife groups in Ohio. 

"Make no mistake, Medicaid Expansion will fund Planned Parenthood and other abortion industry providers" said Smith. "So while the governor is asking us to congratulate him and his administration for defunding Planned Parenthood on the one hand, he is at the same time refunding this death-selling industry through Medicaid Expansion!"

"As an organization that takes no government funding and yet successfully helps the underprivileged, we see no need to trap able-bodied working citizens into a lifestyle that grows the welfare state and helps so many lose their dignity by forcing them onto welfare just so as the Governor can get his hands on Obamacare dollars" continued Smith.

Smith pointed out that "....Planned Parenthood and Ohio hospital systems will benefit greatly from this expansion. Hospitals such as University Hospitals who provide abortionists to PreTerm and Planned Parenthood will be funded with these dollars. When we permanently remove Planned Parenthood from neighborhoods we see a huge reduction in teen pregnancy and chastity returns to our youth".  

Smith quotes the findings of American Life League in a recent analysis of Planned Parenthood's effectiveness in the Texas Panhandle counties where in 16 years Planned Parenthood facilities went from 19 to zero according to government data, and teen pregnancy was slashed by more than half.   

Smith urged all prolife citizens to contact the Governor's office to insist that he accepts the will of the people, and once and for all put to rest the ludicrous idea of expanding Medicaid in the state. She concluded with this request "Please also contact your state Representative and Senators and ask that they demand that the Governor withdraw his request to the Ohio Controlling Board to appropriate Obamacare funds."


We are all united in our fight against Government attacks on our 1st and 4th Amendment Rights!  Medicaid Expansion MUST be stopped. The members of the Controling Board are:


Controlling Board Members
130th General Assembly

Sen. Bill Coley
Senate Building, Room 140, 
First Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-8072 
Aide: Emily Morrison

 Sen. Chris Widener
 Senate Building, Room 138,
 First Floor
 Columbus, OH 43215
 (614) 466-3780 
 Aide: Bryan Stout

Sen. Tom Sawyer
Senate Building, Room 049, 
First Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-7041 
Aide: Kelsey Bergfeld

 Rep. Ron Amstutz
 Riffe Center, 13th Floor
 Columbus, OH 43215
 (614) 466-1474 
 Aide: Jason Whalen

Rep. Cliff Rosenberger
Riffe Center, 13th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-3506 
Aide: Benjamin Webb

Rep. Chris Redfern
Riffe Center, 10th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 644-6011
Aide: Valarie Johnson

Randy Cole, President
30 E. Broad St., 34th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-3457
(614) 728-8778

Anne Dean, Executive Secretary

30 E. Broad St., 34th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-3457
(614) 466-5721

Call them, write to them, and go tell them that we do NOT want Obamacare and that means we do not want Medicaid "Expansion". Tell them to vote down Governor Kasich's proposal at their October 21st meeting!

Tom Zawistowski, Executive Director

Portage County TEA Party


Tea Party, other conservative groups, blast Ohio Republican Party leaders   

by MARC KOVAC | CAPITAL BUREAU CHIEF Published: March 24, 2013 12:00AM

Tallmadge Express, Tallmadge, Ohio 

Columbus -- Tea Party and like-minded conservative groups blasted the leaders of the Ohio Republican Party March 21, rejecting the group's likely new chairman and stances on issues taken by Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Rob Portman and vowing to support other candidates in coming election cycles.

The coalition issued a press statement that was signed by more than 80 people, including "liberty group members," "social conservative voters" and "rank-and-file registered Republicans," said Tom Zawistow ski, president of the We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County Tea Party.

"The leaders of the Republican Party in Ohio have chosen to separate themselves and the party from the wishes and values of their support base," he added in a release statement. "With this letter, we put the party bosses on notice that we reject their betrayal of the party platform and our conservative values. We will not support them going forward but will instead support those who are true to our cause."

But Ohio GOP Executive Director and expected Chairman Matt Borges countered the assertions, citing statements from other conservatives with different opinions of the party's direction, including the head of Ohio Right to Life, former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell and former Congressman Bob McEwen.

"Few have done more to elect conservatives to office in Ohio over the last 23 years than I have," Borges said, adding, "My hand is extended to anyone who wants to join our cause."

In the statement, the conservative coalition outlined its opposition to Kasich's plan to expand Medicaid, increase state spending and hike taxes on oil and gas produced by horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

It voiced dismay over Portman's new support of gay marriage.

And it criticized support for Borges to replace outgoing Ohio GOP Chairman Bob Bennett over other potential candidates.


IRS targeted at least 10 conservative groups in Ohio 


by Joe Vardon

The Columbus Dispatch Saturday September 21, 2013 

At least 10 Ohio tea party or other conservative groups appear to have had their applications for tax-exempt status flagged by the Internal Revenue Service for possibly engaging in illegal activities, a Dispatch review of internal government documents shows.

The documents — first published earlier this week by USA Today — listed 162 groups by name from across the country that were flagged by the IRS. They also included comments by IRS lawyers in Washington to front-line agents in Cincinnati indicating why each group was flagged.

In Ohio, the Portage County Tea Party was flagged for “general advocacy.” The Faith and Freedom Coalition of Ohio was flagged for “lobbying, general advocacy, political campaign activities, voter education activities.” The Sidney Shelby County Liberty Group “appears to be lobbying; have (sic) held a number of candidate forums.”

Under federal law, 501(c)(4) groups are allowed to participate in political activity as long as the majority of their work is focused on “social welfare.” Those groups are also permitted by law to engage in “advocacy” and “lobbying.”

“It seems crystal clear, now more than ever, that someone had an ax to grind,” said Chris Littleton, a conservative who had two groups — the Ohio Liberty Council and Ohioans for Healthcare Freedom — that were flagged by the IRS. Both groups were ultimately approved and have since changed their names.

“In the IRS’ own words, tea party or liberty or freedom became target words. Why?” Littleton said. “None of those things listed (in USA Today’spublished documents) is inherently wrong or inherently out of code.”

The Dispatch asked the IRS in Washington to verify the documents, but the agency responded only with this: “Federal law prohibits the IRS from discussing or commenting on any particular taxpayer situation or case.”

Months ago, the IRS admitted to singling out about 75 groups in searches for words such as “tea party” or “patriot” in tax documents between 2010 and 2012, and officials apologized for “mistakes ... made.” Liberal groups also were flagged — 11 were counted in the documents published by USA Today — and experts say the number of conservative groups filing for tax exemptions was much larger than the number of liberal groups.

Four of the Ohio groups named in the documents already were being represented by the American Center for Law and Justice as part of a national lawsuit over the IRS’ targeting.

Jordan Sekulow, executive director of the Center for Law and Justice, said the lawsuit could change based on this new information.

“Now we have reasons why they were supposedly flagged,” Sekulow said. “It was just a delay tactic.”

One of the Ohio conservative groups flagged — the Liberty Township Tea Party in Butler County — was seeking exemption as a 501(c)(3) organization, which has slightly stricter rules than (c)(4) groups. The Liberty Township group was flagged for “poll(ing) members to see who they are voting for,” which the IRS said was prohibited.

“If they honestly believe that, there was still no response,” Sekulow said. “The IRS did not say ‘no’ to the application, never has. That in and of itself is a violation of their own rules.”

Susan McLaughlin, a Liberty Township Tea Party board member, said the group still is waiting for a final answer on its application. She also said there was no “polling of members.”

“I don’t even know where they would get that information,” McLaughlin said. “We may ask open-ended questions, like, ‘What do you think?’ We might put an article on Facebook, but there’s never been an official poll.”



Opportunity Ohio Releases Groundbreaking Levy Calculator & School Data Tool to Supplement Release of 2013 K-12 Salary Data  

Property Tax Evaluator

Contact:  Mary McCleary, 614-636-2663 

Today Opportunity Ohio released an innovative levy calculator that allows Ohioans to calculate their estimated increase in property taxes should a levy pass in their district. To get their estimated property tax increases, users simply select their school districts, input their estimated home values, and the millage of the levies. 

In conjunction with the estimated tax increase amount, each school district search returns easy to understand charts and other important fiscal data that will educate citizens on how their district manages taxpayer resources. The tool provides both an historical picture of fiscal management from 2001 to 2012 and future projections based on each district’s five-year forecast. 

Matt Mayer, President of Opportunity Ohio, stated:  “For many Ohioans, property taxes take the biggest bite out of their paychecks. This fantastic tool significantly enhances their ability to get the facts on their district’s finances so they can make informed decisions on proposed tax hikes.”

In addition to the new levy tool, Opportunity Ohio released K-12 salary data for the 2012-2013 school year last Friday. Opportunity Ohio’s website contains teacher salary data as far back as 2004. With employee compensation swallowing most of school budgets, together the two tools provide taxpayers a comprehensive method to track school finances. Additionally, state worker salary data in Ohio is available from 2003 to 2012, as part of Opportunity Ohio’s government fiscal transparency project. 

All data tools and other resources can be found at

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